Shapes and Sizes

What shape can I choose for my sign?

All of my custom porcelain signs are usually painted using three different kinds of plaques: oval, round or rectangular.

Oval signs are the most popular choice for their elegant shape right from the start.

Round plaques are more often used to create decorated house numbers or street number signs. They look very good even in smaller sizes and still allow plenty of detail.

Rectangular plaques are the optimal option to recreate extended landscapes. They resemble a painter’s canvas. So, if you would like to have an extended horizon in the background of your family name, you may want to consider this particular type of plaque.

I can use square tiles or porcelain plaques in other shapes  on request. Just ask me about it!

What size can I choose for my sign?

I usually stock and paint my custom porcelain house signs with the  dimensions listed below.

All size variations can be easily selected within each listing shown in my shop:

Oval Signs:

  • 12″x 16″ (30×40 cm.)
  • 9″x12″ (24×30 cm.)
  • 8″x11″ (20×28 cm.)
  • 7″x9″ (17×22 cm.)
  • 5.15″x7.1″ (13×18 cm.)
  • 4.3″x6″ (11×15 cm.) (typically for door signs)
  • 3.5″x4.75″ (9×12 cm.) (for door signs only)

Round Signs

  • 4″ (10 cm.) diameter
  • 6 ” (15 cm.) diameter
  • 8″ (20 cm.) diameter
  • 10″ (25 cm.) diameter

Rectangular Signs

  • 9″x14″ (24×35 cm.)
  • 9″x12″ (24×30 cm.)
  • 8″x10″ (20×25 cm.)
  • 7″x9″ (17×22 cm)
  • 5.15″x7.1″ (13x18cm.)

I can also paint porcelain signs in different dimensions from the ones listed above on specific request, just ask me!

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