Violet House Number Plaque



This personalized violet house number plaque is hand painted on a porcelain round sign with a garland of yellow and purple violets as decoration.
A plaque like this will make a perfect street number sign to hang outside your house or embellish your porch. You can also use it as a custom door number sign.
Personalize your hand painted address sign: you can have your street address, house number or any other writing hand painted on the plaque as you wish.
Do like the Germans and have your hausnummer painted for you today!
You’ll just love having a colorful ceramic number sign created just for you hanging outside your home for the whole neighborhood to see!

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– 4″ (10 cm.) diameter
– 6 ” (15 cm.) diameter
– 8″ (20 cm.) diameter
– 10″ (25 cm.) diameter

Hand painted on fine prime quality Italian porcelain entirely without using decals or prints of any kind.
Porcelain is highly resistant to thermal extremes and will not break due to very high or low, below freezing temperatures. All plaques are therefore perfectly suitable for outdoor use.
The colors used to decorate the plaque go through a fixing phase. I fire my signs inside a professional kiln at a temperature around 1400°F. This will leave the colors non-fading and resistant to sunshine, snow and weathering distress in general.
This violet house number plaque is available with holes designed to fix it on the wall by screws or without holes in case of placement with glue or cement.

All shipments with UPS trackable express courier to all destinations. I pack all my items very, very carefully!

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4" (10 cm.) diameter, 6" (15 cm.) diameter, 8" (20 cm.) diameter, 10" (25 cm.) diameter

Holes/No Holes

Holes, No Holes, With Hook


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