Sign Durability and Fixing

Are your signs suitable for outdoor placement?

Yes, they are.  Porcelain is highly resistant to thermal extremes, is water-repellent and will not break due to very high or low, below freezing temperatures.

Therefore, all my plaques are perfectly suitable for outdoor use.

MyBluePalette uses only the best materials to create custom porcelain house signs.

Will the colors or writing fade over time?

No, they won’t. The colors used to decorate the plaque go through a fixing phase by being fired inside a professional kiln at a temperature around 1400°F.  As a result, this will leave the colors non-fading and resistant to sunshine, snow, extreme cold and weathering distress in general.

How can I fix my sign in place?

All my signs are available with small little holes on the sides if you want to fix them on your wall, bricks, door, etc. with screws (furnished on request).  Signs can also be provided without holes in case of fixing by glue or cement.

A spring hook designated to hold the plaque in place (with the exception of larger signs) can also be provided on request, please just specify it in your order or ask me about it.

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