House Number Plaques

House number plaques are a great choice to combine simplicity with a little beauty. Sometimes all you want outside your house is a number. Even a single digit can be transformed into a little piece of art with color and taste.

First of all, choose your style of oval. round or rectangular plaque.

Once you pick the shape of your sign, hand painting the number with great care in a stylish fashion is the  way to start things right.  And that’s just the first step!

Next, choose your favorite flower or fruit to embellish your plaque. The final result will not go unnoticed!

A garland of violets, juicy cherry fruits and blossoms, burgundy petunias and more. All the flowers you can think of, animal, pet portraits or abstract patterns. There really is no limitation when it comes to decorating a personalized house number sign.

Here’s just a few examples that you can also find in my shop section dedicated to custom house number plaques:

Petunia House Number Plaque

Petunias grow in a large variety of nuances, from pink and purple to reds in different tonalities.

A floral pattern like this looks for a home where elegance is a priority.

And a red burgundy nuance adds the ultimate touch to a very sophisticated decoration.

Check more on this item in my shop.

Cherry Fruits and Blossoms

House Number Plaque

All the vivid colors of a cherry tree and the warmth of early summer. A joyful type of decoration perfect for a house resounding of kids running around on a sunny afternoon.

Or you may just love the happy mood that this decoration recalls!

Follow here for more on this sign in my shop.

Violets Round

Custom House Number Plaques

Springtime has arrived at the doorsteps. And isn’t this round shape a fancy one?

If you like the scent and colors of spring, you will love this style of decoration.

Yellows and purples and a fresh breeze in the air year round. No matter how gloomy the sky will look in the fall, this house number plaque will carry a little sunshine every day.

Click here for this item in my shop.

Morning Glories

Custom House Number Plaques

The blue nuances of these flowers are all that is needed for a unique number sign.

The softness of morning glories – blue, turquoise or else -joins a careful lettering.

Looking so good right next to your door! 

See this plaque in my shop or check the section dedicated to custom house number plaques for more items.

Do you have an idea for your house number plaque  you want me to work on?  I just love custom requests, so all you have to do is contact me!

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