Custom Requests

Can I have my sign painted with a totally different decoration?

Yes, of course. I appreciate and encourage custom requests. All you have to do is contact me by e-mail with your ideas and/or send me photos or a basic sketch.

I will do my best to give life to your new personalized garden sign or the house number plaque that you have in mind and you may want for your home or to be given as a gift.

Within 24 hours (usually much less), I personally answer every message  and never let any question unanswered.

How can I order a custom decorated sign?

After you contact me with your idea, I will prepare a sketch drawing for free to show what your specific request could turn into. I will then send it to you with a price quote of the finished item to evaluate it.

Then, if you like my sketch, I will set up on my website a specific listing according to your requests and you will be able to purchase it. Your original idea will therefore turn into a little piece of art.  A custom house address or new garden sign just for you!

The first basic project can of course be adjusted at will. The only thing I will never do is to paint an object that doesn’t look good to my eyes. And that’s a promise!

Can I require a specific font for my wording?

Yes, I can paint the wording of your choice using any type of font that you may like. Please specify your choice and/or send me a picture of the writing to be replicated.

You can check a gallery of font samples here.

The script font I use the most on my signs is a slick Edwardian English Script, by the way.

Can I change the color for my wording?

Yes, I can paint all wording on my signs with any color that you like.

Black is the most common choice for best visibility, but wording in greens, blues and purples can also turn out very elegant!

What do other customers think about your personalized works?

I have been painting custom works for a long time now and I can’t recall a single customer that didn’t love my personalized painting works. The thing I love most doing is turning other people’s desires into a unique object of art!

Still in doubt? Please check here what some customers have to say about working with me on some exotic requests!

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