Custom Painted Garden Signs

Gardens are a world apart when it comes to choosing custom hand painted garden signs.

The variety that can be found even in the smallest backyard is a great source of inspiration. Different flower species blooming in different seasons, light and colors constantly changing.

Pink and light blue hydrangeas, purple wisteria branches, blue morning glories. Any type of flower can be used to compose your ideal flower bouquet ready to be painted. A custom garden sign will show all the love for your garden.

The same is true for vegetable gardens. Those red tomatoes and yellow bell peppers are a true joy to look at, aren’t they! The hard work that goes behind growing your own species  guarantees  healthy recipes on your dinner table.

All this effort deserves some recognition.  A sign with the name and colors of your little world in the back of the house is therefore a great choice.

Nature Comes Alive on Custom Garden Signs

No garden looks alive without its natural inhabitants. That’s why I always include some little insect buzzing around the plaque just like in the real thing. Your garden is their home in the first place after all! Let’s give the little ladybug and the cute bumblebee all the credit they deserve!

Rain or shine, a hand painted porcelain sign with your favorite custom decoration will be there year round. The sign will be bearing your garden’s name no matter what the weather is like. Porcelain signs, once painted and fired in the kiln at high temperatures, can stand any type of climate. This type of sign will not risk any breaking due to extreme cold or hot weather. The colors, once painted and fired in the kiln, will not fade away through the years.

All the great aspects of using this type of material to create custom hand painted garden signs are thoroughly explained here.

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