chaffinch custom house address sign detail

A pretty chaffinch for a Kent custom house address sign

Nature is a world of beauty waiting to show all its colors and shapes.

At the same time, it is and endless source of inspiration. You can always rely on nature when looking for a new idea to create a unique bird custom house address sign.

So, I just love it when I have to try and do my best to paint flowers, little insects or other animals in a naturalistic manner with a particular attention to the most subtle details .

Birds deserve a special place of their own. The vivid tones on the most exotic species, the beautiful feathers and pointy beaks. All these elements can turn an ordinary house address sign into a little piece of art. That’s what I tried to do with a pretty chaffinch painted on a custom address plaque for an English home in the region of Kent.

The cute little bird with its lively look is now a perfect host and will welcome every visitor day after day.

Do you like this sign? Take a look at all available sizes and their relative prices here.

Would you like your favorite type of bird painted on your next custom house address sign? Contact me and tell me what you want me to paint for you!

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